5 Spiritual Attractions That Will Amaze You In Lumbini Nepal

Lumbini is famous for being the birthplace of the Buddha. It is one of the world’s most important holy and spiritual sites in the world and attracts Buddhist pilgrims from every walk of life.

If you want to increase your spiritual vibrations or find out more about Buddhism and spirituality, then Lumbini is a must-visit place during your time in Nepal.

There are over 25 Buddhist monasteries here that have been built by countries ranging from Vietnam to France. Many pilgrims also choose Lumbini to study Buddhism and enroll in meditation and spiritual retreats.

Here are five spiritual attractions you must see during your trip to Lumbini that will completely blow your mind:

Mayadevi Temple

mayadevi temple lumbini
Mayadevi Temple

This pillar temple is the most sacred site in the Lumbini Garden where archaeologists have identified as being the exact spot where Lord Buddha was born. Mayadevi Temple dates back to 2,200 years and is named after and dedicated to the mother of Lord Buddha – Mayadevi.

Inscriptions found on the Ashoka Pillar nearby tells us of the story of his birth and the event when the newly born Prince Siddhartha (later becoming the Buddha) took his first seven steps and delivered his peace message to humanity.

The birth took place in the beautiful Sal grove, which is now the focal point of the Lumbini Garden. Mayadevi, the Queen of Shakya King Suddhodhana of Kapilvastu, was passing through the Lumbini Garden, on the day of  Vaishakha Purnima (full moon day of May in 623 BC) and took a bath in the Pushkarini (a Sacred Pond). Soon after, she gave birth to Prince Siddhartha, who went on to become the Buddha.  

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inside mayadevi temple lumbini
Inside the temple

Take some time to walk around the garden or find a quiet spot to meditate. The focal point for pilgrims is a sandstone carving depicting the birth of the Buddha, reputedly left here by the Malla King Ripu Malla, in the 14th century, when Mayadevi was worshipped as an incarnation of a Hindu mother goddess.

Another fascinating attraction here is the Ashoka Pillar, built by a Buddhist convert, the great Indian Emperor Ashoka while visiting the birthplace of the Buddha back in 249 BC.

Bodhi Tree, Lumbini

Bodhi Tree, Lumbini in Nepal
Pilgrims worshipping at the Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree in Lumbini is located in the premises of the Maya Devi Temple complex right next to the shrine on the banks of the serene Maya Devi Pond. You don’t have to go far to see this spectacle when visiting the Mayadevi Temple. Buddhist monks and pilgrims often sit under the tree meditating and chanting spiritual scripts. The tree is an age-old Peepal tree or Ficus Religiosa smothered in colorful prayer flags. Worshippers believe that wishes and prayers made while tying a colorful prayer flag to the tree are often granted.

The tree is meant to represent and replicate the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya where Buddha attained enlightenment and liberation from delusions, anger, and self-indulgence. The entire journey of Buddha’s life is often associated with the tree – right from the time he abdicated his throne, he became an ascetic, achieved enlightenment and taught about his observations to his followers until he died. The Bodhi Tree is, therefore, considered immensely significant in Buddhism.

Panditarama Vipassana Center

Panditarama Vipassana Center Lumbini Nepal
Panditarama Vipassana Center

If you’re looking to practice meditation at a retreat in the most spiritual place on Earth, visit the Panditarama Vipassana Center. They recommend a minimum of seven days for a residential retreat so you can truly feel the benefits of this practice. However, they do also offer part-time retreats for shorter durations.

You will be able to meditate during the day, interact with the resident monks and attend the evening Dhamma talk. Find out more about their retreats and get in touch with them HERE and book yourself in for a life-changing retreat. 

Will you achieve Enlightenment here with the spirit and energy of the Buddha all around you?

Great Drigung Lotus Stupa

Great Drigung Lotus Stupa. Lumbini Nepal
Great Drigung Lotus Stupa. Source: Wikimedia

The Great Drigung Lotus Stupa is one of the most religiously important Stupas in Lumbini and was built by the German Tara Foundation. The building contains a hollow crown partly covered in glass which reveals the Buddha statue inside. The historical significance of this building goes back centuries when the construction of this building was under the supervision and guidance of the Rinpoches.

The domed ceiling of the Stupa is covered with Buddhist murals.  The golden wood carvings represent the beliefs and teachings of Buddha that spreads the message of peace and non-violence. Each year, this Stupa sees a great number of congregations where pilgrims from around the world visit to spread the message of unity and peace. 

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Buddhist Temples From Around The World

The Royal Thai Monastery in Lumbini Nepal
The Royal Thai Monastery. Source: Bijesh Lal Nyachhon

Buddhist nations from all around the world have placed their mark in this spiritual space by building a temple or monastery that represents and replicates their unique belief system and to pay homage to Buddha’s birthplace.

Some notable ones worth visiting are:

The Myanmar temple – built with contributions from the Burmese Buddhist Society. The temple is an attractive big white structural monument with a golden pinnacle soaring into the sky.

The Chinese temple – a very beautiful pagoda styled temple with many prayer and meditation wheels.

The Korean Temple – a beautifully set temple with many remarkable images of Buddha.

The Royal Thai Monastery – an imposing and stunning wat-style monastery gleaming with white marble and beautiful Buddhist designs and carvings.

Sri Lankan Monastery – a beautiful Sri Lankan Buddhist establishment that gives insights into the life of Gautama Buddha and its importance in the region.

Myanmar Golden Temple in Lumbini Nepal
Myanmar Golden Temple. Source: Lonely Planet

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