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Peak Climbing

Having over 1000 Himalayan peaks above 6000m altitude, Nepal offers unbeatable peak climbing and mountaineering opportunities. For decades, Nepal’s Himalayas have enticed trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world to test and challenge themselves. Nothing can compare to conquering a snowy summit amid the world’s highest mountains.

The “Trekking Peaks” of Nepal can be climbed with an organised trek after paying the correct peak fees and obtaining permission. There are 18 of these Trekking Peaks, with summit heights beginning from 5600m above sea level. Our membership to the Nepal Mountaineering Association allows Travel Society Nepal to easily receive climbing permits for our tours, saving you the complicated hassle of dealing with applications yourself.

Nepal has been the focus of mountaineering achievements for decades, challenging the minds and bodies of daring adventurers. Among the 1300 peaks that rise above 6000m, one-quarter of them are officially open for peak climbing expeditions, including the Trekking Peaks. Reaching these summits is the next step beyond “standard” trekking in the Himalayas;

This is your chance to CONQUER the Himalayas.

We have qualified and experienced guides ready to help you accomplish your dream of reaching the snowy peaks of the Himalayas.


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