Mt Manaslu


A unique experience is guaranteed for anyone who ventures onto these trekking trails in Nepal. They give a healthy dose of simplistic and culturally rich settlements and diverse landscape .

One of the major advantages of trekking in Nepal is the complex yet beautiful landscape that gives explorers an opportuntiy to experience a unique range of activities from easy-going hikes to advanced expeditions where you are challenged with breath-taking glaciers and high passes.

Regardless of how short or long the trek may be, Nepal will flaunt its intricate natural beauty to you in many way, whether through the views you’ll see while trekking through the village settlements or the tops of the snow peak Himalayan mountains glaring down at the whole of Nepal.

Along the trek, you will welcomed with open arms by the locals who will offer you a warm meal and a cosy bed in small teahouses and rustic lodges for you to rest, recover and soak in the stunning views all around you.

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